As much as we complain about our government (and yes I will complain about it a bit in this article) our government does a really good job at responding to natural disasters and emergencies. They don’t always get it right (think Hurricane Katrina) but they are light years ahead of many countries. The biggest problem that we do have when it comes to responding to emergencies is when politicians play politics and slow down aid to people who are in need. We have seen a lot of this happening over the years. We saw this in New Orleans, we’ve seen this in Flint, Michigan, and we have even seen this in Texas with all the recent floods. Our country has the resources and experts to get aid to people who need it and things work smoothly when we focus on helping people and ignoring all the political quicksand that is always commingled into these issues. This is what the people need to demand from their representatives, take action and stop turning every natural disaster into a political opportunity because their are real lives at risk, real futures and areas that need immediate help.