There are many people who believe that the government dropped the ball when it came to handling all of the people who were displaced by Hurricane Katrina. I cannot say that I agree with many of them. The reality is that many people were told to leave far ahead of time and they were the ones that chose to stick around. Why in the world should the government have to pay to house and take care of those who did not learn how to listen and so what they were told? As far as I am concerned, they should have been on their own.

There were many rescue efforts done and people were sent to stay in different states. I know a guy who went from living in a dirty shack-like home, and now he lives in Massachusetts and is living a life that he could have only dreamed of before then. If people want to complain so much about how little was done, why do they still want to take advantage of all the opportunities that were given to them? Again, they should have just left them in the trenches to figure out what to do on their own.